Community support for refugees

Building a life in a new country takes more than a healthy bank account. Refugee families need friends and a community to help them navigate through the first few overwhelming weeks and months.

Ottawa Centre Refugee Action (OCRA) is a grassroots group of volunteers who came together to help refugees settle in Ottawa. We work with a broad base of partners that includes community organizations of all kinds – anyone interested in working together to provide much needed help to refugees fleeing conflict or persecution in their home countries.

We invite you to get involved, whether as an individual, a family or a small group of friends. It doesn’t matter where you live or whether you have experience settling refugees. We can use your help.

News and Updates

Sunday Afternoon Jazz in aid of refugees

Join us on Sunday May 29th from 1-3pm!

“Composing a Country” by Paul Dewar

On a winter afternoon in Ottawa the stories of 1979 meet the aspirations of 2016 A Canadian smile rooted in Vietnam welcomes the Syrian spirit that is looking for the steps to the Canadian dance [...]

Family of 6 arrives on Jan 13 2016

We were only sure that our Syrian friends had arrived after two of the four boys shyly pointed at their names written in Arabic on hand-painted signs as they glided down the escalator at Ottawa's [...]