OCRA is back for GGGS 2019!

OCRA is back at the Great Glebe Garage Sale for our third annual fundraiser! Help bring hope to a refugee and reunite refugee families! Your support will help us reunite Syrian refugees with their families that OCRA helped settle in 2016. Find OCRA at 166 and 164 Glebe Avenue (corner of Lyon) on May [...]

Ali’s journey

Sometimes, it takes more than a village. Ali* is 16 years old and he hasn’t seen his parents or siblings in three years. In 2016, Ali’s mother Meryam and her three girls fled their home in the Afar region of Eritrea, joining many Afar people who had fled from Eritrea. They joined Idris, Ali’s father, [...]

Khaled Agha shares his experience coming to Canada as a refugee

This is the story of Khaled Agha, who came to Canada as a refugee in 2016 when he was 18 years old. He and his family are now settled in Ottawa, and he is hard at work at college, studying English. Please share and help us in our effort to sponsor Khaled’s uncle, aunt and cousins, [...]

“For 15 years, I felt incomplete”: a story of family reunification

One of the most important things in life is family, and it can be very difficult to live apart from them. The feeling that you're left out of a family event, forgetting what your brother or sister or their children look like. I used to feel miserable and sad when I’d hear family members [...]

OCRA 2.0: Supporting family reunification

OCRA 2.0 is our ongoing effort to help our refugee families and to promote refugee settlement. The single most important issue that our refugee families have identified, over and over again, is the plight of their close family members who were left behind and are living in vulnerable circumstances in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. [...]